Friday, February 17, 2017

Constellations and Shitajiki / Pencil Boards

Hi everybody! Good morning :)

Today I would like to share about this little project of mine that has taken quite a while for me to complete... I started this last year but being the queen of procrastination that I am, I kept putting it off. 

This year, however, I really want to set out to complete projects that I had in mind and also to achieve the goals that I set for myself. It takes a lot of willpower and basically to just hunker down and do it! That and also to really keep track of myself and pulling myself back on track whenever I slide off, and setting more realistic goals for myself each week.

I used to set really high goals, lots of to dos and things to accomplish... it feels like setting myself up for failure because there's too many things to complete and we only have 24 hours a day to juggle so many things. I get demotivated after some time looking at all the things that I couldn't cross off my list because they are not done and that is not a good feeling.

Keeping my list more achievable now is helping me complete more tasks and I find it way more effective. If I complete the tasks I set out to do before the end of the week, then I will add more. This rarely happens but I am checking off more things from my list than before.

This is my 'unfinished project' from last year. I wanted to come out with a constellation zodiac pencil board (shitajiki) for my etsy shop. I really do love lettering and I wish I have more things to write :D

The mess I made when I was completing this and I love it! 

And they are done! 

I couldn't be happier than finally completing editing and printing them out. I love how the silver splatters really do look silvery! They are all printed on 110lb white cardstock and will be laminated for protection and I do make various sizes to fit any of the travelers notebook or journals out there. Well, these are handmade with love by me so I can make them any size you want :)

I hope that you will use them in your journals and to accompany you in your journey of life, a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. These and many others can be found in my Store.

Thank you for reading!

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