Monday, February 6, 2017

My 2017 Set Up

From trying to scrapbook to preserve the memories of our daily life, to trying Project Life and only succeeding for a year and a half, my analogue system has evolved over the years. I guess with all things that changes in life, the methods and tools that we use to change over time as well. 

And because I love stationeries, I was using too many tools for memory keeping. At one point I was using a planner, a hobonichi and a Travelers Notebook as well. I loved them all but it got overwhelming and it wasn't effective seeing that I would need to lug them all out with me if I were to go somewhere. That and everything was everywhere... and so I decided I wanted to simplify come 2017 and change the way I kept my journal & planner.

'Change is the only constant in life'
- Heraclitus

This year, I am only using 2 journals. My Traveler's Notebook and my 18-month Moleskine. I started using the Moleskine in July 2016 and this time I am committed to using it until the last page. My Moleskine is where I write down my To Do Lists and Daily Happenings. It's where I write down our Grocery spending, activities to do with Ryan and quotes.

I have used the Moleskine planner once before but I was unable to commit to the last page... well, I did mention at the start of the post that I love stationery, right? :) That was one of the reasons why I did not stuck it out. I moved on to using planners which was a good system and I still love them but I will use them for writing down my orders and maybe recipes instead of being a mobile system. 

Inside my Traveler's Notebook, I have the Superior Labor Travel for Life wallet where I keep some spare cash, receipts and a photo of my family, a journal I keep records of my daily life and things I am thankful for each day and a spare notebook I keep to jot random things in. And next year, I have plans to simplify further. To use only the Traveler's Notebook for Daily Planning and journaling and that will be the only journal I will be bringing with me. I like that everything will be in one place and how I will be bringing less out but have so much more with me :)

Another recent companion to my analogue tools is the Mod Tablet 3 from This is Ground. It holds all my essential analogue tools in one place and forces me to bring less. I had to seriously consider what I needed and only put those in the Mod. It was not an easy task at all! All these reaffirms me that less is more. In this modern world where we just want more and more things, having less is actually sparking more joy to me and I haven't really felt the urge to make purchases and when I did consider buying something, I paused and think carefully if I really needed it. 

Pausing makes us slow down and if we forget about the thing we wanted to buy after a couple of days, we probably don't need it in the first place :)

Here's to simplifying and having fun doing it too :)

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Thanks for dropping by!
- Evelin


  1. LOVE this! I'm finding more and more that I love simplicity - and what you said about pausing before purchases to see if you even remember them in a few days is a favorite habit of mine. Amazing how much I really don't need that I think in the moment I do. Loved seeing your travelers notebook in person too - it is beautiful!

  2. Hi Heather, thank you! It really is amazing how simplicity feels so good :D I am planning on reorganizing more of my office/craft room in the next couple of months. Haha. Am already excited thinking about it.

  3. Love your new blog space. How interesting to see how you use your journals. My journals are really personal. Some entries are about the energy changes that I experience and it helps me process the shifts.

    I start with one and continue when that is finished and I try to finish the pages before I start a new one in the new year, but usually there'll be empty pages left, as I can't wait to start a new one.

    1. Hi Alison :) Thank you!
      It's wonderful how each and everyone uses their journals so differently. If I wrote something really personal, I will blur them out before sharing them on social media. Sometimes I forget. haha...

      I know what you mean about the empty pages. I have that 'problem' too. But this year onwards, I am working towards filling up all my empty pages, finishing my journals and I am not allowing myself to buy anymore until I use up most of the journals in my bookcase. Hugs!

  4. Good for you!! I know how hard it is, we get so attached to our creative supplies and it's so difficult to choose. I too, have been thinking of how to journal and calendar more simply. Thinking of giving bullet journaling a try as there are so many options to have "one" ;) all-inclusive way to capture everything.
    Grateful for this journey and learning from others. Thank you for sharing. 😘😘😘

    1. Hi Jeanette, oh yes. It is hard especially when my love is for creative supplies. I can forgo buying shoes, clothes, etc but it is definitely hard for me to stay away from creative supplies. It is my 'vice'. LOL.

      Bullet journaling seems like a good choice. I also like that it allows one to capture everything in one place. It takes a while to get used to it, I think. For now, my system is like a mix of normal to-do's and bullet journaling. It's a hybrid. haha.

      Thank you for reading and let's journey together!

    2. I'm so with you! Creative supplies are my weakness and I much prefer to many other things!
      Yes, we'll journey together and share our insights and experiences. So fun!!!💙💙💙