Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunshine + Fresh Air = Good for the Soul

Good Monday Morning!

I hope you are having a great start of the day and have had (or is having) your morning coffee :) I love my morning coffee and some peace and quiet before the day starts.

Anyways, how was your weekend? It has been rainy here in Southern California and I have been loving it. Well, I do enjoy the sunshine too but if given a choice, I would choose cloudy days above all. Rain is great too cos everything seems to slow down and I do understand that it's harder to do outdoor activities when it rains but there's always comfort in a good book under a throw or enjoying journaling and art indoors! 

Last Saturday, however, was nice and sunny which was perfect for soccer practice :)

We don't usually go out to the parks in the mornings so this is a new routine for us, which we are actually enjoying. After breakfast, we drove to the Park where the kids were to have their soccer practice.

It's fun to see all the kids listening to the Coaches' instructions and learning to kick and dribble the ball. The kids were having so much fun and I love how attentive and focused Ryan was. We have brought him along with us since he was a little over 2 years old to the field in the summer months to practice kicking the soccer ball and to run with us and he has always enjoyed it so when his classmate's mum organized this soccer practice, we said we would join.

They also had some other fun and games after some light drills. 

Fresh air and sunshine is so good for the soul (my favorite is still cloudy days.. haha). Hubby and I were saying that we are going to take turns watching Ryan so that the other can go for a jog around the park and get our exercise in too. I do love that idea and can't wait for next Saturday to be here already :)

Have a lovely day!
- Evelin

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