Friday, February 3, 2017

Winnie & Walter Jan/Feb Release : Premiere Day 4

Hi there lovelies!

It's the final Premiere day over at Winnie & Walter and the releases will be available tonight at 10pm CST. I hope that you have been enjoying hopping along all the Talents' blogs and looking at all the wonderful projects they have come up with and oh, I hope you joined the giveaways over at Winner & Walter's blog too.

I have 3 cards to show you today but they revolve around the same theme and it was pretty quick to assemble them once the prep work has been done :) I usually watercolor and pre-cut the stamped images that I would want to use and keep them in a little drawer in my acrylic box so I can see what I have inside.

I created 3 cards with hilly elements using the cute animals from Welcome to the Family stamp set (and a couple of older sets, of course!)

I don't have any dies that cut shapes of 'hills' so I hand cut the hilly shapes freehand. It's pretty easy to eyeball them. For each card, I cut 3 pieces to create the shapes of the hills.

After I hand cut the shapes, I lined them up and lightly marked the spot where the bottom piece will go with a pencil. I popped the middle and uppermost layer with pop dots. For the middle piece, I actually cut my pop dot in half (to make it half the thickness) so that I have varying degree of hills.

Once I get the hills in place, I place the trees from Season's Tweetings stamp set and arranged the little elephant and bunny on the card before I adhere them on with glue and pop dots. 

I stamped the sentiment last... Thankfully my trees were all adhered flat on the card so that worked out fine :) I then added a heart balloon on the card with pop dots and drew the balloon string for little Ellie. 

Side view of my card. I think I might a bunch more of these because I am kinda liking cutting the hills and creating dimensions with them.

As I was staring at the card after it was done, I felt that it needed a little something more so I added some watercolor on the hills.

I hope you like the cards I created with Welcome to the Family with Evelin T Designs and I hope that you are loving the cutaways and new stamps in this Release. If you would like to see more cards, my daily journaling and more pictures, do follow me on my Instagram.

And last but not least, do remember to drop by Winnie & Walter's blog for giveaways and all the best!

Thanks for dropping by.
- Evelin


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    1. Thank you Jaime! :) I'm so glad you love it too!

  2. Congratulations Eve, the cards look amazing! So cute! Well done you :)