Friday, March 3, 2017

Travelers Notebook : Flip-through Jan-Feb 2017

Hallo there, friends :)

In an earlier post this year, I wrote about simplifying my planner/journal stash and I am happy to report that so far, it has been good for my soul. I have been using the journal in my Traveler's Notebook to document my days and to write down things I am thankful for. On some days, I can fill up the whole page or more but on some days, I might only just write down my thankful thoughts for the day or some brush lettering on uplifting quotes or scriptures.

My Moleskine is strictly a planner where I put my To Do's, plan my blog posts and scribble some random ideas. Kinda like a catch all... although I feel that there is not enough space sometimes. haha. This year, I am planning some staycations and day trips to take with the family too. So, the monthly pages in the Moleskine does come in very handy. One of the reason why I chose the Moleskine was because it had the monthly layout and also the weekly layout in one planner. I only wished they had more blank pages at the end of the book so that I can write down Ideas/scribbles. My plan for next year was to only use the TN but I need to find out if the TN has a monthly and Weekly view in one notebook. If it doesn't, I probably will have to rethink that option for next year. 

I keep my journal pretty fluid. I think it is most probably influenced by elements of scrapbooking and Project Life. Some of my pages lean heavily on writing while others have photos, ephemera, doodles, brush lettering, embellishments.... It's like I fused the things I love most about each of the creative outlet I used to do into one journal and I like that :)

I hope that you will enjoy my short video flip-through of my Jan-Feb pages. I also share my life in pictures over at my Instagram and crafty videos over at my Youtube channel.

Thank you for dropping by!
- Evelin

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