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Hi, my name is Evelin and I grew up in sunny Malaysia. I moved to Southern California with my husband in 2012 and our family has now grown to include our darling boy. I have always loved to draw and to create. It's something that has been very much a constant through all stages of my life. 

I started cardmaking in 2008, scrapbooking in 2012, tried Project Life because I really wanted to document our life and eventually I transitioned to journaling and now I journal almost daily in my Traveler's Notebook. I also enjoy illustrating, watercoloring and brush calligraphy. You can almost certainly find some or all of these elements in the posts that I share :)

I also design stamps for Pinkfresh Studio and Winnie and Walter. To be a part of this amazing industry as a stamp designer is definitely a dream come true for me (pinch me.. sometimes it still feels like a dream!). I still remember those days when I first discovered cardmaking and all the wonderful supplies and wondered how it would be like if one day, crafters would be using stamps designed by me. It seemed like a huge dream back then and it still feels that way and I am truly grateful for the journey that has led me here and the support from my husband and friends in the industry. 

I enjoy being in the company of family and friends or going out on adventures although I would rather prefer moments of quiet where I can read, journal, illustrate or just be creative. I have always been a hopeful but realistic person and I love my cup of coffee to start my day.

I do have my own Etsy store as well where I sell my illustrations and handmade pencil boards/shitajiki for journalers.

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